How to make office chair taller

How to Make an Office Chair Taller

Gone are the days when office chair was only used for office work and in the office rooms. Now the people who make use of their laptops or desktop computers a lot, prefer sitting on the table; they make use of office chairs other than study table chain or ay random chair in the house. Office chairs are in demand because of their padded seats, backrest, comfortable arms, and the way it can be rolled or swivel; let people of any height sit on it and moreover they can adjust it according to them. 

One just needs to know how to make an office chair taller or smaller as it comes with this adjustability. As the computer is in a very house, so that the office chairs are, they not only provide the office environment but the comfortable sitting posture too. To the human luck, so many types and sizes of office chairs are in the market now. Keep reading the article to learn more about office chairs. If you are confused, whether you should bring one at home or not, know more about them and make your decision. 

Office chair types:

So many office chairs are available in the market; they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. All come with their own pros and cons; you just have to choose according to your taste, type, and preferences. Office chairs are named as, Executive president’s chair, Guest chairs, Ergonomic chairs, Gaming chairs, Conference president’s chair, large & high chairs, Ergonomic kneeling chairs, Petite chairs, Stackable Chairs, Work chairs, Computer desk chairs, and stools.  All these are designed by keeping people of all ages, sizes, weights, and height in mind. 

You just have to choose the one that matches your comfort zone and body posture. Obviously the chair makers do not take your measurements while making one; but a few of them are designed with height extension kits and adjustability tools. By making use of that you can adjust it according to your PC height and yours too. There are a few people who get made their customized chairs according to their needs and demands; this is to inform you, the fact that office chairs can be made as per orders.

Anyway, the chair should be installed along with your tale in a way that its arm and backrests are possibly close to your body that you do not feel any pain or discomfort. Take care of the height and the feet position. Not only chair height but the desk height should be good enough that your elbows and forearms can rest on it in a way that the whole arm feels relaxed. 

Office chair height extension:

If you are okay with the height of your desk, chair but it’s the laptop that makes everything uncomfortable than you should adjust the position and height of the laptop. You can put a laptop stand under the table; make use of a separate keyboard, mouse and other things for the comfort and long working hours. 

Either you are at home or in the office, making use of an office chair with fine height is a complete joy; it does not make your body stressed but also keeps your body posture good enough that your gym hard work shows off. To change the height lower or taller, you can make use of office chair height extension. They are very easy to use and helps you get the desired height. Such chairs have a gas lift cylinder installed in them; by lifting the lever up and down you can adjust the height. When you get the desired one, release it. 

Not only this, some chairs have threaded post under their seats. Make use of them in a way that you may get the height by turning the base counter clockwise; this technique is a little tricky, try it only if you understand its working, otherwise don’t.  You can buy an office chair height extension kit too; they give reasonable height to the chairs if you are looking for how to make office chairs taller. 

DIY chair risers:

Nowadays, offices are making use of the chairs which have the ability to get taller or smaller in height to meet all of the office workers’ ease and comfort. To get the work done with excellence, you have to provide a comfortable place first.  Anyway, if you want to raise the height of the chair for yourself or your kids in the house, a few DIY chair rises can be followed;

You can place a seat cushion on the chair; this will not only raise your height when you will sit on it but also the comfort too.  Also, you can raise the height of the chair by putting a platform under it. If the chair has wheels, make sure to lock them before putting the chair on the platform; if you will not do so, chances of dropping the chair will be there. 

DIY chair rises are not recommended because of the harm it can cause to the person or kid sitting on it. If you do not know what to do with the chair height, better buy a new one with a lever setup. 


Body posture and the right position of the person sitting in the office chair matters a lot. Neglecting this thing will cause a major problem to the back but to the body parts like arms, legs, feet, forearms, and neck too. Every time you sit in your office chair, make sure to adjust its height according to your body; if you do not know to do so, don’t hesitate to ask the people around how to make the office chair taller.

Also, this pandemic has made people brought office chair at home because of the work from home service; try to choose a one with height extension in it. Better to spend a little more money than ruining your body posture and comfort.

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