How to Make Gray Walls Look Less Blue

How to Make Gray Walls Look Less Blue – Quick and Easy Fix

Have you ever got into a color problem? You may have bought or built a new house and you’re wondering which paint you can use on your wall. Gray tones can be challenging as they always look distinct in every house. This can also happen at any time of the day. Selecting a painting color is not very simple as you may guess. How does it feel when you see your gray walls looking less blue? It feels annoying right? Gray has three major indifferent undertones. For instance, the violet gray, green-gray, and blue-gray. Blue-gray is frigid. Also, it is the one that always gives a blue look on your walls. This makes both blue and blue-gray hard to handle. On the other hand, green-gray is an undertone of the limestone and concrete. Are you worried about the blue look on your gray wall? There are 5 ways on how to make gray walls look less blue;

How to tone down blue paint

1)    The Light – What Color Light Bulb to Use With Gray Walls? 

You need to take note of what color light bulb to use with gray walls. Examine the light bulbs that you have in your house. You can use LED light bulbs or warm white incandescent to give natural and warm light. These lights will make bright shades such as yellow or orange to seem more intense. Also, the cool paints such as gray, blue, or green may look neutral and dull. When you use warm bulbs, this will help in balancing the shades. You can also paint with warm colors. For instance, red-brown woods can enable the balancing of the cooler paint’s undertone.

What of the natural light? This will depend on the direction your house is facing. If your house window is facing the Southern direction then you will experience the real shade read throughout the day. For the Northern, the glowing is blue and it gives your house a calm feel. For the East and West direction, there is a cool or warm light. This depends on whether it’s evening or morning in the house. You can consider not choosing colors at night with the lights only. It’s better you look at the shades in the natural light.

2)    Go For Orange and White Paints – What Color Kills Blue in Paint?

How does it feel when you realize your wall is blue after some hours of painting? It can be so uncomfortable. You may want to even blame the manufacturer for not dictating the correct shades. But this should not be the case. You may consider making an effort to correct this. You can use a white and orange color. This assortment tends to be an excellent remedy on how to make gray walls look less blue. This mixture has been more common for many years. You can get them in the stores near you. Mix the paints and don’t exaggerate. Add an equal amount of orange and white paint. Remember not to be one-sided when it comes to mixing the colors. Add small quantities at a time. This will help you not to eliminate the blue shade. You can then proceed to apply the paint in parts. You can start by painting a section of your wall and give it time so you can verify the result. If it’s what you wanted then you can paint the whole wall and then allow it to dry. This answers your question on what color kills blue paint?

3)    Shift The Decor Around You

Your home’s decor may be the reason behind the bluish shades. Consider changing the postures of the decor to match with that of the paintings. Take note of everything around your color selection since your surrounding impacts on your judgment of color. You can identify your decoration color. Dull trim can make your wall shade look lighter. Also, the light trim can make it seem darker. This is similar to the furnishing in your house coupled with the floor mats. Glossy floors and countertops indicate on your wall.

4)    Buy a New Paint

Is there an alternative on how to tone down blue paint? If you use orange and white shades and this does not work for you, you can do a complete color change. Apply the paint in parts until you obtain your preferred shade.

5)    Tint Making

It is the tints that define the color undertones. The various types of painting companies have their tinting system. Most of the companies use around twelve shades. Ensure you get the undertone correct.

6)    Don’t Rely on Social Media

Ensure you do not fully rely on the internet for painting colors. Do you know that most of the images you see online may have been edited? Most of the images you come across on the internet undergo editing before being posted online. The shades may look real. What you didn’t know is that the edits may have been on the color and the lighting. Furthermore, the editors may have liked the picture in it’s edited form. One thing to take note of is whatever is online has no clue of the context in which you want to paint Your house walls.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways on how to make gray walls look less blue. You can assess your source of light whether natural or not. You can also consider purchasing orange and white paints and use them in equal proportion. Likewise, Check on the various sheens like an eggshell and semi glass reflect light in distinct aspects. Hence your judgment of the color. You can go for new paint if everything doesn’t work for you. Consider defining the color undertones so that you won’t make any mistakes. You mustn’t fully rely on color images on social media since the colors can deceive at times. Most of the images are edited. If possible consult with an expert so you won’t make mistakes when choosing colors you like. Hopefully, one or all the methods will help you avoid the bluish look on your wall.

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