How to Measure for Bahama Shutters

How to Measure for Bahama Shutters: 5 Steps You Must Know

Bahama shutters are windows mounted on commercial buildings and the exterior of a home 45 degrees. They are mounted above the window and hinged at the top. This makes the shutters easy to pull over your window before a storm. They can be closed, partially opened, or opened at all times. They supply a nice breeze from outside and provide shade to your home from the sun. 

Bahama shutters are more common in the southern areas of the U.S. You can see the most on verandas, homes, and gazebos. They provide privacy from your neighbors. To measure the shutters you need a ladder, tape measure, a pen, and a notebook which will help you to record the measurements. The process is not time-consuming and you will spend a few minutes measuring each window. 

So how can you measure for Bahama shutters? There are several simple steps on how to measure for Bahama shutters.

7 Steps on How to Measure for Bahama Shutters

Taking the right measurements will give you a clue on how to install Bahama shutters. 

1) Identification of Obstructions

Check for any obstructive objects near the window. This may be trees or even fence posts. They can prevent the installation of the Bermuda shutters, another name for Bahama shutters. Also, the operations of the shutters get tampered with. Inspect the window frame for any decay and you can proceed to repair before you install the Bahama shutters.

2) Measure the Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Take the measurements of the exterior depth of the Bahama hurricane shutters. Do this starting from the back of the side jamb yo the window casing on the front part. The shutters, for instance, premium wood need a void of 1.5 inches in case the panels are mounted to fit the inside mount which is the opening. It’s preferred that exterior shutter installation is done on the outside mount. This does not need any depth to the opening.

3) Measure the Width of The Window

Outside Mount

Add no less than two inches to enable you to calculate the width of the shutter to fit outside the opening. It is common for the shutter width of the outside end of the window casing.

Inside Width

You can take the measurements from the inner left to the inner right of the window opening. Take away half an inch for purposes of clearance if you are planning to have the shutter nest on the inner opening.

4) Window Height

Outside Mount

If you will place the shutter in front of the window opening, then you can add up to the measurement. The top slipping hinge needs almost one and a half inches above the Bermuda shutter and the back of the hinge needs to attach to the casing as it will be flush with the back of the shutter. The shutter can then hang next to the point with the top of the window sill or the bottom of the casing.

Inside Mount

Take measurements from the inner top of the window opening to the inner bottom. Subtract a half-inch from a quarter inch in case you are planning to nest the shutter inside the opening. Assess the surface above for a firm mounting surface for the hinges.

5) Horizontal Divider Rail

This is a horizontal bar that creates bottom and top louver regions within the exterior shutter. It is required on all the wood louvered shutters over seventy inches tall. It can be centered by being set at a custom area or by default. If you like a custom one then give the measurement from the bottom of the shutter to the identified center of the divider rail. 

For any two divider rail take note of the location of each, from the bottom of the shutter to the center of each rail. Also, consider sightlines when you create the divider rail. Its actual placement will be near the location requested.

6) Vertical Sub-stiles

They enhance the stability for the Bermuda shutters to exceed the width of the standard louvered shutters. The panes above 24 inches need either one or more vertical sub stiles.

7) Awning Windows Height

The best height depends on your reason for installing the shutters. The appearance and functionality factor in the determination. You may cut a piece of cardboard to the approximate size. Then hold it over the window to emulate the look. The same ratio will be used for all the windows.

What next, now that you’ve taken the measurement?

You can decide on a finishing color. The Bermuda shutters available are either primed, fully painted, or unfinished.

What Are the Benefits of Bahama Shutters?

The steps will help you learn how to install Bahama shutters with the right measurements. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of your shutters.

  • They have different designs. They can be made from wood or sturdy aluminum. Many people go for aluminum Bahama shutters because they last long. They can also be made to fit any window size and shape, and also come in many colors; hence, they can match the color of your home.
  • They add privacy in your home as you can see out but nobody can see inside.
  • The Bahama shutters protect the home during a hurricane. They are durable and can withstand heavy rains and strong winds.
  • The shutters can filter undesired light from the sun and also regulate light. This is perfect for sunny hot months. The shutters help control and make your home cooler.


You may want to install the Bahama shutters after or before you purchase them. It is important to know how to measure for Bahama shutters. These shutters are becoming more popular because of the protection they provide to your home and also because they are sturdy. They mostly protect against hurricanes. They also have a tropical view. There are International Building Codes and Residential Codes that you can check before you measure and install the Bahama shutters. These help you comply with the standards required.

Taking the measurements is not complicated since it does not consume much time. You can start with the width, then the height which depends on the design of your window. You can finalize with the vertical sub-stiles, the divider rail, awning style, and then choose the color of your choice. In case you have been thinking of installing them, You can remodel your home to install the shutters

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