How to remove paint from drywall

How To Remove Paint From Drywall? All You Need To Know!

Painting a house, or a specific wall can be pretty fun, and the process is very rewarding. Most people usually like to handle this on their own, but there are always companies and professionals that can get the job done. However, what if you want to do the opposite, and are wondering how to remove paint from drywall? Well, there are plenty of ways to go about this and we will explore that.

Usually, whenever you move into a new home or have to renovate a place, there are a lot of drywalls, with old paint. This can be a bit annoying, and give an unpleasant look. This is also the case even when you want to simply change the paint color, or there are too many cracks and scrapped paint patches in an existing wall. Either way, this is something that happens daily, and there’s no shortage of help.

How to remove paint from drywall – Tips and Tricks!

How to remove paint from walls fast –  All the methods!

First off, you need to make sure that the wall you are targeting really does need to have its paint removed. What this means is, is does the wall have the color you already wanted without any imperfections? If that is the case, you can simply ignore that for now. However, if you do find a wall that is needed a fresh coat of paint, or a different paint color altogether, you must be wondering how to remove paint from the walls fast.

The first and most common method is to use a paint scraper. This is a tool that is used by professionals all over the world and is very cheap. Purchase one, and wear a mask before you start working. A scraper works as you would expect, and requires little to no strength at all. It will start peeling the paint off, but you will need to be able to reach the wall, so maybe a portable ladder might be needed for the process. Apply pressure in each direction, and continue to do so till the wall is bare. Now, to make this process go a bit faster, you can ask someone for help, and ask them to work with you.

If you want to accelerate this process even further, or if the regular scraping isn’t getting the job done, you can try another thing.

You can purchase a paint stripper chemical, which can help you. Basically, you want to apply the stripper material on the wall where you want to remove the paint. Let it sit for maybe half an hour; when you come back, you can see the paint rising. Now, simply use the scraper again, and this time, the paint will come off easily. Now, make sure you are still wearing a mask while doing this, as you are dealing with paint residue as well as the chemical fumes from the paint stripper. 

If you didn’t have any luck with the previous methods, another thing you can try is using heat to facilitate the process. You can use a torch, or heating gun in one hand, and scrape the paint off with the scraper in your other hand. Now, anything that involves heat should be done with care, as you could get your hand burnt in the process. If you can, please wear gloves to make the process easier.

No matter what method you use, be prepared for a little mess. This is part of the process, and you are removing old paint after all. If you can wear a work apron, that is even better. Collect the scraped paint as you work on the wall, and properly dispose of it. 

How to remove paint from walls that are peeling? – Inspection required

Now, for the most part, old paint is usually intact, and you won’t exactly notice any peels while scraping paint. However, if you are wondering how to remove paint from walls that are peeling, you need to check a few things first. After you are done scraping the wall, inspect if there are any cracks or broken parts in the wall. If that is the case, you need to get that portion filled. This will ensure that there is no seepage in the walls when you repaint those. 

Seepage in walls can create mold, and that is very dangerous for health. It doesn’t matter if you have painted over it, mold can still outgrow paint. If there are no cracks or holes, you can simply scrape the paint off like you normally would by following any of the suggestions we mentioned above.

However, if you don’t want to do any of this yourself, you can always hire a painting agency. They won’t just scrape the old paint, but apply the new paint of your choosing and fulfill your demands. Just make sure you ask them to inspect the walls as well. See if there is any seepage or cracks that you should be careful about.

Now, this depends on different regions, but usually, hiring work for stuff like this can be a bit expensive, so if you can handle it yourself, that is the best option.


So, how to remove paint from drywall? Well, for the most part, you only need a scraping tool. This is a cheap and efficient method that most professionals use, and gets the job done fairly easily. If you want to get the job done even faster, you can look into paint stripping chemicals and heating guns. All these methods are viable and can be used depending on the condition of the paint, and the wall itself.

If you notice that the wall you are targeting has paint peeling off, you need to make sure that there aren’t any cracks or seepage issues in the wall itself. If there are, you should get it looked at by a professional. Lastly, you can hire painting agencies to do all of this for you if you can afford it.

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