How to Remove Scratches From Porcelain Tiles

How to Remove Scratches From Porcelain Tiles: No. 3 Will Shock You!

It’s never nice when you see a scratch in your tiles. You can always have extra ones after installing your floor. This will be of help to you because anytime you will need to do a replacement it will be easy to access those tiles you already have in store as opposed to buying new ones. Also, the exact tiles you need may not be available at the time you require the spares from the shop. 

Since most tiles are glossy, scratches and other damages are more evident.  Even though nobody is perfect, it is hard to find a tiled room in your house which does not get scratches. This doesn’t mean you don’t be careful with the tiles.

Scratches are so different and so if it is deeper beyond the colored surface then you may be forced to replace it. Here are 9 ways on how to remove scratches from porcelain tiles.

1) Tiles scratch remover

You can substitute this remover with toothpaste or vinegar. Dip a clean cloth in brass polish. You can then rub it over the scratch. Remember to do it in a circular and focus on the top and bottom parts of the scratch. Let the tile dry and then repeat the same process. This makes the scratched area invisible. Cover the area with a layer of car wax and use another cloth to do this. Allow it to dry.

2) Repair-Ceramic Tile Scratch Repair Kit

You can use the repair kit to remove the scratches. The kit is designed to help in porcelain tile glaze repair. They have a variety of colors. The ceramic tile scratch repair kit includes a catalyst mix, sandpaper, and a glaze. This acts as a cover when a repair is complete.

3) A toothpaste

Is this effective? Here is how to remove scratches from porcelain tiles using toothpaste.

This is used for a scratch that is deeper. For this method to work your toothpaste has to be real and white. It can not be a gel. First, clean the tiles with a damp substance. You can then rub a little toothpaste in a circular motion. Ensure that the scratch is filled then make sure it dries. You can then apply a urethrane coat. This protects and smoother that area.

4) Clean Tiles With Only Water and Soap- how to remove scratches from ceramic tiles  

When tiles are free from dirt and grime highlighting them the scratches may go unnoticed. At times the tiles are cleaned. It can prevent the scratches on homogeneous tiles from looking more damaged. Use a soft piece of fabric and soapy water. Rub the scratched area. Focus on the edge of the affected tile where dirt and dust are prone to collect. After you finish cleaning, wipe with a clean cloth.  If this method makes the tiles look duller than you can skip this step.

5) Use Baking Soda

Steps on how to remove scratches from ceramic tiles using baking soda:

Best in removing scratches caused by metals. 

  • Put baking soda in a container, then add some water until baking soda makes a good paste.
  • Use this paste to rub over the markings with a soft brush or a damp clean piece of cloth.
  • If the scratch is deep then you can use a brush with a fair-size bristle. After that, rinse the metal particles and baking soda. In case some metal particles are remaining then rub the tile surface with a moist melamine resin froth wipe out and then rinse.
  • If you still have some metal from the bottom of the tiles then you can apply a toothpaste with nil gel or a rust elimination commodity to the surface and wait for a few minutes or follow the directions on the product’s manual.
  • Again scrub the scratched surface and rinse.

You can proceed to dry your porcelain tile. This will expel much water. Allow the floor to dry. 

Use a repair product if the till still has noticeable bottom scratching

6) Sandpaper

Use this on a non-wax tile. Don’t press difficult to sand the scratches. This helps you prevent the removal of more finish than you require to wipe the marks.

Wipe the dust particles remaining. Then use a damp cloth in wiping. to revive the glow rub metal polish over the sanded area.

7) Pumice Stick

Using a wet material wipe the scratches on homogeneous tiles. Then rub a pumice stick on the surface. Wipe the residues with a clean cloth. You can then dry it.

8) Scouring cleanser

Put a small quantity of this cleanser on a nylon scrubber. The scouring polish and cleanser have oxalic acid dihydrate. Be gentle as you scrub the markings. This will help you avoid the removal of any polish on the tiles. Use a moist fabric to wipe out the area and then dry with a clean cloth. This method helps eliminate marks from many different types of tiles.

9) Glass cooktop liquid cleanser

First, wipe the affected area with a clean cloth and water. Then apply a nickel size piece of this top liquid cleanser. Run it on the scratched surface in a circular motion. Wipe the cleanser with a wet cloth and dry with a different clean material.


Scratches are never appealing. Do you get stressed out when you scratch your porcelain tiles? You do not have to worry anytime this happens to your floor tiles. You can always use any of the steps on how to remove scratches from porcelain tiles.  You can repair light damages on porcelain tiles. This depends on whether you have the right information on how to remove the scratching. 

Each method of removing the marks is different. You can always dig into the information about a method before you try it.  The good thing about these methods is they will help you eliminate scratches caused by either metals or sand particles. 

The type of repair required depends on the type of scratch. This can either be light or deep mark. 

You can always take care of your floor to avoid repeated scratching now and then. ll, these methods can help you, choose one that best suits your needs.

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