How to repair bubbles in drywall tape

How to repair bubbles in drywall tape? A normal thing to happen.

Sometimes, certain things in life do not go as planned. You prepared yourself to many things and you are completely convinced that everything you did went as you intended… And then, they don’t. You can call them mistakes, but sometimes they are not even your fault. Let’s call them “unforeseen events”.

As everything in this crazy world, you would need to be prepared when those things happen. In the case of home improvement, having drywall tape as the base of your walls come with its quirks. Bubbles are one of those little “unforeseen events”

Today we are trying to solve this annoying “feature” of the drywall tape by asking how to repair bubbles in drywall tape, and see if this is avoidable at all. Everyone loves a smooth wall, with nothing strange that stands out (other than weird decoration). And because almost everything in life has a solution, let’s find out what is that.

What causes bubbles in drywall tape?

If you are going to ask how to repair bubbles in drywall tape, you may be wondering how those things appear in the first place? What causes bubbles in drywall tape? Are they avoidable at all?

First up, you need to know what is a drywall tape. These things are the basis of most drywall walls and parts in the world when it comes to smoothness. They can come like paper tape or a mesh tape and both have their uses, benefits and disadvantages; mostly, they exist to make your drywall part smooth as you may think, covering many imperfections that the process can produce.

And speaking of imperfections, these are the main reason why some bubbles can appear. If you do not treat them the way it is recommended, a pocket of air can produce a bubble in your perfectly smooth wall. Having a bond between what you use over the tape and the tape itself that is not applied properly can cause these bubbles.

However, we are still talking about drywall. This compound is one of the most repairable ones that exist. Think about it: They can be as tough or as light as you want, but still can be cut with a knife or beaten with a hammer. So, solving mistakes can be a piece of cake compared to walls made with concrete.

How to remove bubbles from drywall?

Sometimes, your drywall tape could get some bubbles after installation. Some air may be leaked in and produce these unwanted effects to your wall. But, if you are lucky enough, they could be not that big to prompt an all-out repair. So, instead of how to repair bubbles in drywall tape; let’s check out how to remove bubbles from drywall.

First up, you need something that cuts. That tool being the utility knife. This serrated knife can cut into the imperfection and make the air trapped inside that bubble escape. After doing so, you can sand it down or remove the ripples that the bubble generated.

If there are ripples, you can cut with your knife the affected area in order to then add some drywall compound to fill it up. After drying, you can sand it to the appropriate texture you want.

These solutions can be made on tiny bubbles that have formed after an improper installation of a drywall tape. If that is your case, then solving it may not be as hard as you may think, right?

How to repair bubbles from drywall?

When looking how to repair bubbles in drywall tape, you may encounter some that are not as big, but do not look good. These can be easily removed with the utility knife without so much fuss. There are however some instances where these methods are not enough to repair said imperfections. So, how to repair bubbles from drywall?

After having it installed improperly, those pockets of air can make a mess of a wall; making bubbles so evident that could be hard in your eyes (a bit dramatic, isn’t it?). But, they can also be easily solved with the same tools as before, in a more involved process.

Depending of the state of said bubbles, you may need to just cut above and below the bubble, and remove the tape. If the entire tape is filled with bubbles, well, you are just are of luck. You would need to remove the entire tape and start the process again.

Prepare your compound to make a consistent dough that resembles a cream.

Add some water whatever necessary to achieve said consistency. After that, apply it on to where the imperfection was. The idea here is making it that you cut a tape similarly sized to that you removed and put it over this compound; so, make sure to fill the gap maybe a bit more (just a bit) than the hole where the tape was. Then, put the tape you cut.

After drying, apply another layer of the drywall compound and smooth it out to your need. Make sure you do not leave any bubbles behind. Also, make sure not to fill your putty tool with lots of the compound. Too much and that can make your work meaningless, creating more bubbles again.

Finally, when the part is dry again, sand it down according to your preferences to make a smooth surface where you can paint without any issues.


When it comes to how to repair bubbles in drywall tape, you would need to evaluate how bad is it actually. If you have a drywall tape that has too many ripples and bubbles, you may need to remove it entirely and apply it once again, because it is way more practical than repair every single defect.

There are however some instances where you do not need to go that route. Instead, with the help of a utility knife, you can just cut the bubble in the middle to let the air out and smooth it out with a sandpaper. Or, you can also remove the entire bubble and replacing it with a piece of drywall tape, with the steps mentioned above.

In any way, drywall is one of the building materials that can be way easier to handle, repair faults and improve them, compared to the likes of concrete of wood. As always, an specialized builder can guide you or complete this task for you if things get out of hand.

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