How to smooth oil based clay

How to Smooth Oil Based Clay?

No matter which type of clay you use, either for work, school assignments or just to pursue your hobby of making and trying different stuff with clay, you have to soften it before molding it into any desired form. If you are a fan of making sculpture then you know the struggle of keeping its temperature that it shouldn’t be too dry or completely soft, the ratio should be equal and if you left the work in between, resuming it again you should know how to smooth oil based clay so that you may mold it in whatever the way you want. 

Oil based clay or any other type of clay, everything comes with kinds and specialties, you have to choose the best of them all, that may cost you a little much but the quality matters if you a person who goes for the best. Types of clay vary from work to work for example, `it can be used for making sculptures, decoration pieces for home and offices or anywhere, and even clay is used in making floor tiles, walls and much more but to get the best clay, go for the one who has the ability to transform in any shape, gives a smooth look to the viewer and stiff plus resistant to heat shocks. 

Types of oil-based clay:

If you are here for sculpting purpose then knowing the types of oil based clay is very informative and important as it will help a lot in buying one and if you know how to differentiate among the types of oil based clay than you can also ask the shopkeeper to test it in a bulk, to avoid in the future inconveniences. 

Mostly there are eleven famous types of clays and all come with their own pros and cons, but the best of them all is the Polymer clay as it does not create much mess and can be used at home with kids around without any fear of its chemical harm to the kids. Moreover, this clay comes in a variety of colors and versatile in nature and if you want to bring a unique color out of it, you can do that too by mixing it with others. If you will ask any expert, he or she will surely suggest Polymer clay. Also, there are no hard rules for softening it, you can do it by just adding alcohol in it and there are a few more ways too. 

And if you are a beginner and want to make cute pottery at home than go for the stoneware option but if you are into sculpting and want to show your creativity to the world than I would suggest the Polymer Clay to you too, the softness it owes helps the one using it quite easier as it is comfortable nature makes its user enjoy molding and handling it any form or size and do not give hard time but fun. 

How to soft oil-based clay at home?

The best part about oil clay is that the o not gets too hard or sticky because of its oily nature, just from the name you can guess, they have a mixture of oils in them and stop them from drying out too soon. So ‘how to soft oil-based clay at home’ is a hundred dollar question and it should come with ‘… which do not make it hard to work?’ some say preheating it at a certain temperature and taking care of the quantity make it soft even to work easily.

Another advantage of working with oil based clay is that it melts with the body temperature of its user like you can smoothen or soften it with your hands; the pro tips are that even while working if you should keep your fingers damp with clean water and it will keep the clay moist and soft. You can also heat it in the oven at home; this clay is expensive from the rest of all but totally worthy for getting the better shapes and detailed work. 

Also, if you will leave your work for tomorrow, try wrapping that with a wet paper towel along with plastic or place it in any plastic bag for long storage as if oil-based clay will get cold it might get less elastic and will be quite hard to work with. 

How to make clay on your own:

Sculpting in a home with kids around and they interrupt you by using your clay or stuff like that then do not be a worry as you can make clay at home all by your own, for them. By the way, it’s not only for kids but you can also have fun using homemade clay.

You just have to gather the ingredients like cornstarch, some grams of sodium bicarbonate, cold water, and a few utensils like a saucepan (choosing an old one is a good option here), bowl, and a manual whisk. People have their own ways when it comes to how to make clay at home or anywhere. To make your clay colorful, you can make use of any liquid food coloring or gel for making any color clay. Now just mix all the ingredients with and heat over medium heat. Keep stirring it time by time that it doesn’t stick to the pan and you do not lose the chance of making creative sculpture along with kids and showing your hidden talent. 


So many ways are there when you asked an expert about how to smooth oil based clay; even the salesperson can guide you well on this topic if you do not have any expert advice. Softening or smoothing of clays whether they are only one or other totally depends on the weather you live in because a few soften it by just using it under the sun while it didn’t work for a lot of people. 

Even if you find microwaving or using damp hands technique for softening your clay, make sure to try this on a little amount of clay to see the results.

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