how to stop bugs from getting through window screens

How to Stop Bugs from Getting Through Window Screens

Winter, summer, fall, spring, or rainy season, no matter which season is going on, certain bugs and insects start appearing in your house out of nowhere. You just can’t blame the season but for poor hygiene. Sunny days, winter nights, lunches in the garden, and supper on the rooftop are part of life and so the presence of insects on the lawn and the bugs on the window screen. Nowadays, tiny bugs are in the action, they are the pet peeves of the evenings. Okay, we can’t deny the fact and the role all the insects and bugs play in balancing the ecosystem but how to stop bugs from getting through window screens without killing them is the most asked question at this time of the year. 

Sometimes people go out to have a walk in the summer pleasant evening and when they return home with the thought of watching their favorite season in the night, but to their surprise, most of the time they are welcomed with tiny bugs flying all around in the house. And of course, nobody wants to share their Netflix screen with these tiny annoying creatures. So it is always advised to not keep the windows or doors open during the summer evenings and night, winter’s cold already make everyone to shut down everything but during summers if you like to enjoy the pleasant breeze in the evening then have patience too to enjoy the sight of bugs along. 

What attracts tiny bugs on the window screen? 

Have you ever noticed that mostly insect either they crawl or fly, stick around the windows screen or if you are looking for killing such species than look around the windowsill, seems like windows are their favorite place to hang out? So what attracts tiny bugs on the window screens, not only bugs but other insects too like spiders, lizards, mosquitoes, and many more? Even if you keep the glass of windows close but the small holes we have in the mesh are the place from where the tiny bugs get inside, they easily squeeze through it. 

Well, if you will start checking that what attracts tiny bugs on the windows screen then you will know a few things. Some bugs or insects gather around the windows because of the wet areas, greasy windows mesh attracts the bugs as they fly around it by confusing it with the food, the humid place having fungi and mold are food to them.

And a few attracts to the window because of the poor cleansing of the window screens, insects make their home in such dusty places.

When flies or bees make their home around the corners of the window screens, their presence attracts the other insects so they visit such places to attack them and eat later, this is how we see different types of insects in a place. Not only these but lights attract these bugs a lot, the UV light attracts bugs in a way that they get confused and assume of them as food and stick around the lights. That’s the reason we see the flying insects, sticking around the light bulbs, around lamps, and where their light is on. 

Knowing what attracts the tiny bugs on the window screen is not the solution, like, okay you should keep your home cleans, poor hygiene does make room for insects and all but the truth is, no matter what, they will always enter the house. And once they get in the rooms, it gets hard to kick them out; sometimes killing them is the only solution to get rid of them. 

Bugs Repellent:

If you will ask for a quick solution to how to stop bugs from getting through windows screens then spraying bugs repellent on the Windows screen is the one. You can find many types of sprays in the market nowadays; you can pick the one most recommended. Now there are two ways to spray, one is that you can spray on the bugs when they come to the window, this will kill them or make them fly away immediately (to do this, be careful and cover your face and eyes so that they do not give any harm to you) and the second way of spraying is that before the evening comes, spray on the window screens so that its smell and the chemicals in them will stop the bugs coming on the windows. 

Either way, does not work well; such spray effects last for a few minutes only and some human is allergic to its odor. 

Natural bug repellent for windows:

To leave the windows open and stop the bugs from getting in the house, natural bug repellent for windows is the best way to keep them away. Using apple cider vinegar or white vinegar stops the bugs, you just have to put glass cups filled half with vinegar in the windows or doors or to the places where the bugs make their way to the home. This works really well. Also, keep the unnecessary light bulbs switched off during this time of the evening because lights attract them. Bugs and insects do not go to dark areas. 

Placing mosquito nets or hanging bags (transparent plastic bags) filled with water on the windows or the door entrance stops the mosquitoes and flies from entering the house. 


As now we know what attracts and how to stop bugs from getting through window screens and entering the house, you can now enjoy the summer evening breeze with no fear of bugs getting into the house and sitting on your food or anywhere. However, you should always place your curtains for safety and try to keep the outside of the windows and doors clean, and if you get any crack on hole on the windows or doors, quickly seal them up or repair, broken places are the paths for insects to come in.

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