How to take apart a bunk bed

Bunk Beds and How to Take Apart a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are ideal for twins and two kids living in a room, not only kids but the adults too have bunk beds in their room for sharing purpose. Having a bunk bed in a room saves a lot of space as compared to having two single beds in a row. And as the kids grow up they start questioning, how to take apart a bunk bed. Even you have a single child but the cousins visit often than having a bunk bed is also a good option, in small bedrooms, children with bunk beds,  keep their toys in the lower bunk and ask them to sleep and they, themselves love to sleep on the top bunk, it’s fun to sleep.

Kids love to sleep on the upper bunk as compare to the lower one because they enjoy the part of climbing up the ladder and reaching their bed. Other than playing as an activity or giving more space in the room, bunk beds are a bit difficult for parents to deal with the kid who sleeps on the upper side because he or she gets sick, it’s a little hard to reach them and provide medicines or anything. Also, for a sick child, it is very unsafe for climbing up and down the ladder, and the risk of falling is there too. 

Bunk bed accessories:

Bunk beds not only come with their own pros and cons but with their customized bunk bed accessories. Some bunk beds come in a way they just have an upper bunk and the lower space have a bookshelf and study table, these are mostly made customized on order, and having a unique bed and study place not only keep the mind of kid active and happy but also motivate them to do their homework. 

Bunk bed accessories include safety stands, ladder stands, set of the staircase with drawers (this help the kids to keep their snacks, story books, and other essentials close to them), separate book shells, laptop stands, and under bed drawers (this is to keep the more stuff close to the bed). All these accessories are custom made; people get the one that suits their room color and storage capacity they want. Other than these all, bunk beds do have a curtain facility for the lower bunks, this keeps their privacy from the upper one, and one living on the top can use lamps or keep the light on while lower bed ones enjoy their sleep with curtains on.

Convertible bunk beds:

If you are looking for a single bed but you have your friends and cousin who often comes for a night stay at your home but the room does not have enough space for a double bed and sofa set, study table and other stuff then don’t worry; convertible bunk beds are for you all. They are designed in a way that the lower bunk bed is convertible into a sofa; make space for sitting and sleeping for the guests. Such beds are rare to find because they are custom made; you have to pre-order them instead of buying them on the spot. 

How to turn a bunk bed into a single bed at home:

You do not need to take apart the bunks to make a bunk bed, a single bed. Nor you have to ask experts that how to turn a bunk bed into a single bed; often, people suggest using one side and make another side for keeping the stuffed toys or converting that into a storage place. This does not give a clean look to the room. To the parents, whose kids are growing and now they are not a fan of sleeping in lower or upper portions of the room than in this case, you can separate the beds into two single beds. 

Following are a few steps on how to take apart a bunk bed:

To convert the stacked bed into the separate single beds is easy. It can be separated in the same way, and you combined them. Just a few simple steps and you have two beds in the room; simply remove the mattress and ladder and detached the safety rails. Also, remove all the accessories. Once this is done, safely remove the pins that are holding the bunks together; then, place the upper bunk safely on the floor. 

This is how you can easily take apart a bunk bed. If your kids are moving into separate rooms then you can place bunks separately in the rooms. On the contrary, not all bunk beds can be separated this way or easily; if you can’t understand how to split them, ask for expert help. Do not try to do it on your own; this may cause harm and the chances of dropping upper bunk will be there. 

Things to keep in mind: Don’t use bunk beds for more than 5 years. If your kids are grown, and kids with ages of 6 to 7 years shouldn’t be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk. Also, grown people have trouble climbing up and down the ladder; sick kids shouldn’t be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk either. Always place the bunk beds on the wall or any corner of the room.  

Do not keep the bed right under the fan or AC; this may harm the kid who uses the upper bunk. 


Always go for the bunk bed with proper size and with strong holdings; while buying, make sure to ask the shopkeeper that how to take apart a bunk bed. This will clear you that you can separate this bunk bed anytime you want to. Make sure that your kid isn’t afraid of height while giving them an upper bunk; also choose the ladder or staircase which is strong. Some kids fight on the lower and upper bunks; if your room space is good enough for two single beds then go for them.

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