How to Take Down a Trampoline Net

How to Take Down a Trampoline Net

We use the trampoline to perform physical exercises like extreme acrobatic moves without fear of injury because of the way these devices are built. It consists of a taut and fabric stretched in between round steel framing and sometimes attached to the steel framing via springs. There are spring-free trampoline options available that use glass-reinforced plastic rods. People bounce freestyle on a trampoline for competitive and recreational reasons. Trampolines are good for fitness because they tend to increase the heart-rate through intense acrobatic movements. 

You might want to take down your trampoline at some point in time. Whether it is your wife who woke up with a crazy idea to renovate the backyard garden or some parts are broken and need replacement. Or you want to protect your trampoline from weather elements, you might want to learn how to take down a trampoline net without headache or a strained back. 

What tools do you need to take apart a trampoline?

You don’t need an elaborate toolset to bring down a trampoline. It might seem complex at first, but the truth is, taking down a trampoline is simple. With a Philips head screwdriver and a spanner, you are halfway through with the job. A spring tool and a rubber mallet might be helpful but the screwdriver and the spanner will do the job right.

When you buy a new trampoline net, it comes packaged with a complete toolset, but if you are like most of us who misplace things easily, you will end up with no tool. But that should not be a big deal. If you can get a screwdriver and a spanner, you can easily assemble and disassemble trampoline without a hassle. 

How to remove a trampoline safety net

Removing a trampoline safety net is a breeze if you have the right tools and the technical know-how. Start by taking down the support attached to the safety net by unclamping from the frames and then take the net off the trampoline. Slide-out the net off enclosure poles. Now turn to the poles and keep them together and carefully store the net to avoid ripping it off unless you want to buy a new net the next time you want to assemble your trampoline. 

Hacks to remove springs off the trampoline

Completing this task can be tricky if you don’t have a few hacks to remove springs off the trampoline. If you have the spring tool, the better, but the job has to be done anyway even without the spring too. Either way, removing springs can be a matter of minutes if you follow the right guidelines. If you don’t have a spring tool, you can improvise, use an old spring that you no longer use and attach it to the hook you want to remove and pull it upwards towards you. The spring should come off immediately and with little efforts. Remove the springs in a balanced manner all round because you don’t want springs popping up at you! Do you? If you own a spring tool, the process is the same and the job will be effortless than before. You can also take down the springs with a pair of pliers. The use of pliers might not be a good idea if the springs are rusty because they might break. 

How to take down a rusty trampoline

Taking down a rusty trampoline can be a bit challenging, you need to pay extra attention when doing it. A rusty trampoline is unpredictable hence you need to wear gloves all the time. Unstrap the safety pads and begin working out the springs following specific instructions. Choose the first spring to start with and the next spring should be directly opposite until you are done with all of them. When you are done with the springs, carefully take down the frames. You might need to seek help when dismantling the frames. 

Trampoline frame stuck together

What to do if you meet a stuck trampoline frame? When dealing with trampoline, let it be no surprise, you might meet with a stubborn frame. To make work easier, use penetrating oil and wait for at least ten minutes. And if the pipes don’t do apart easily, we suggest you spin them gently and in no time they will come off. You are now left with an unassembled ring; you can now work this out easily piece by piece. In short, work out a trampoline frame stuck together with penetrating oil to make your work easier.

Storage tips for trampoline

Store every piece and part of a trampoline in a dry space away from direct sunlight. You can leave the frames outdoors only if they are made of rust-resistant material. Keep the frames off harsh weather elements by keeping them under cover when you choose to store them outdoors. You can also keep your trampoline assembled if you have unlimited space indoors. Remember to keep your trampoline horizontally to maintain balance. But it is a good idea to learn how to take down a trampoline net to prevent unnecessary damages. 


It may sound easy how to take down a trampoline net, but it is not for newbies. If you are doing it for the first time, you need to take precautions when taking down the trampoline net lest you damage it. We have seen people disassemble trampoline without following the right procedures but they end up damaging their trampoline. We wish none of this to happen to your treasured trampoline. And as you know damaged trampolines are unsafe or unusable. If you follow the guidelines and directions for taking down a trampoline net, you will be able to disassemble it using the least amount of time possible. In as much as we want to store trampoline assembled, circumstances may force us to take it down, for example, limited space or the fact that storing trampoline assemble makes it susceptible to unnecessary damages. I know after reading this, you will be confident to take apart a trampoline. 

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