How to Turn a Crawl Space Into a Basement

How to Turn a Crawl Space Into a Basement: Try These Tips

Do you have a crawl room in your home? If yes, are you wondering how to turn a crawl space into a basement? People usually use crawl space to do plumbing and wiring. But you can convert this space to something useful. Thus there will be extra space created. Using up all the spaces in your home can be efficient and also improves even it’s organization. 

Converting a crawl space into a basement is such a huge task. It is recommended that you consult an expert in building first rather than doing it yourself. The process is also labor-intensive. A professional will come up with a way the basement will be created without causing interference on the foundation of your home. If you try to do the conversion yourself your foundation may collapse. 

An expert will help you install the foundation around the external part of the basement. Here are 8 ways you can turn a crawl space into a basement;

1)    Mark off the Area

What is the first step to making a crawl space open to the basement? You can start by marking out the boundaries. With this, you can decide on the size you want for your basement. You can do the marking yourself as you consult with your expert. Use string and stakes to help you mark the boundaries. Once you are done, allow the expert to take over this project. It can be a professional from the companies that dig out crawl space. You can make your basement bigger depending on the size you desire. Ensure the height of the support pillars is equal to that of the ceiling in the crawl space. Add extra inches that you had recorded.

2)    Support the Foundation Pillars

Your house has concrete pillars that hold it off the ground. Ensure the pillars in the crawl space are supported. These pillars do rest on the soil. As you will be digging the basement, the piers may loosen up.

Supporting the pillars has to be done by the expert you hired. Other piers can be erected to support your house when the basement is completed. 

The local authorities of your area may be involved to do the clearance once everything is done.

3)    Digging Out- Dig Out Crawl Space Into Basement

You can dig out crawl space into the basement by hand or you can hire the personnel from the companies that dig out crawl space to help you out. Digging is the most costly part of this project. 

A shovel and a wheelbarrow are used to remove the materials dug. Dig till you reach the required depth. If you are digging out yourself ensure the basement pillars are well supported. Also doing it yourself will save you on some cost.

4)    Create  a Concrete Wall

First, prepare concrete footing. Make it closer to four inches down than what the floor will be. In case your crawl space has been dug it, therefore, has a concrete wall around the border. This can help maintain its shape. 

If you do not have a wall, to begin with, you may need to install one once the job is complete. This wall ensures the soil around the edges does not collapse. It supports your house.

An expert will help you construct the wall. Hence the finish of your wall will be perfect and admirable.

5)    The Drainage System

Is this part of how to turn a crawl space into a basement? Of course yes. After digging you will need a drainage system. Install a hole that can hold water after heavy rainfall. 

Therefore, you need to confirm the installation is properly done. The hole may be 10Ft. The expert will help you with this.

6)    Make Concrete Slabs

Ensure your expert does this. The specialist will make a smooth finish that is pleasing as opposed to you doing it yourself.

7)    Put in the lights and stairs

The lights can help you move around the basement room. You can be able to see everything you are doing. On the other hand, the stairs can help you access the room. 

Installing the lights and stairs is simple and if you have the expertise then you can do this yourself. If you can’t then hire someone.

8)  Waterproof Basement and Finishing

This is the last part of making a crawl space open to the basement. You can do basement waterproof by spraying asphalt around the cemented area. You may paint this room if you want the room to look attractive.

Benefits of a basement room

  • It creates additional storage space in your house and you can store your items like the boxes
  • Extra rooms can be created out of the basement, such as a bedroom or washroom. This will help when you have additional members in your family.
  • Your guests can enjoy a private stay when they visit you. This will make their stay enjoyable and an independent one.
  • Adds value to your home as the basement room is considered when selling. When the basement is not finished, when selling your house it won’t be counted as an extra room. For this reason, a nice finish will be a bonus.
  • Creates a recreational room for your kids to have fun. The kids can play different games in this room. For instance the pool game.


Are you thinking of converting a crawl space in your room? You can check out these pointers to help you get started. It is important to know how to turn a crawl space into a basement. Converting a crawl space to a basement requires enough time and money. You will need to hire a professional to do a perfect job for you. Consider marking your boundaries the right way. 

Support the foundation pillars, dig the desired depth. Make concrete slabs and walls and finish by installing the lights and stairs. You can paint the basement room if you want it to look attractive. A basement room may help you in many ways. When you do everything as required, you will enjoy the usefulness that comes with the room. 

Extra storage space, extra rooms, added value, and a fun room for your children. You can get started with a professional who will do an excellent job.

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