how to unlock snap on tool box without key

How to Unlock Snap-on Tool Box Without Key

Some houses do have toolbox just like aid boxes; they keep small toolbox with the essential tools in them that help them in any home emergency and renovation. Snap-on is a company that has so many varieties of toolboxes with all the essential tools that one can need if required. Home improvement toolbox is mostly not purchased; people make a box with the tools that they need for the house often. But, if you go out and buy a decent small toolbox, it’s a bit costly. It is always requested to keep the home toolbox out of reach of children and with a lock. Even the professionals keep their toolbox locked; however, one should always keep the key close and in reach because how to unlock a Snap-on tool box without a key is very difficult. Sometimes people wonder that the toolbox does not belong to a certain person. 

So many types and sizes of the toolbox are available in the market. Small toolboxes can be purchased by any common man; when it comes to buying bigger tool storage or box, however, this requires legal documentation because of the safety measures. Mostly the workers, employees or the company owns them; they are not allowed to take them home or use them without permission. Even such tools come with keys and locks so that unauthorized people can’t access them. Here’s how to unlock a Snap-on tool box without a key.

Snap-On toolbox replacement parts:

All type of toolboxes either they are from snap on company or not they come with warranty card and the nature of tools tell the lifetime of the toolbox. But the best toolboxes are known as life because of the good quality tools in them; if any part of the toolbox needs to be replaced then Snap-on toolbox replacement parts are also available in the market and can also be ordered online. 

And if anything needs to be replaced or if any tool makes a mess then you can replace it from the company; for this, you have to check the warranty card date. If you face any problem with the tool or the toolbox itself then you can claim to the respective company and they will change it immediately. Rare are the cases when one has to claim for a replacement or anything because snap on serves the best; they are growing big because of the quality of tools they provide. Their strong tools are the reason; people do not question its price. Because they are costly as compare to the other tool making companies. 

Alphabets written on the back of the toolbox or replacement parts ensures the buyer about the originality of the products. You just have to look back at the box and see the markings; this company has its own series and symbols for the specific sizes and types they offer.

How to open a locked toolbox without a key at home:

To know how to open a locked toolbox without a key is very tricky. You should always keep a duplicate key because losing the key in the time of need of a tool is something very bad. You have been very careful with keys. The plus point of having company made toolboxes is that you can simply call the company and request the key; this is something not everybody can do. You have to be the owner of the toolbox to make such a request because they will ask for the serial numbers written inside the tool box; obviously, only an owner can answer this. 

Other than this, if anybody close to you owns the same company toolbox, you can request their keys because sometimes a single key can open multiple locks. Moreover, Snap-on is known for making rare different locks, so it’s common to lock one toolbox with another toolbox key. If this trick also does not go with your luck then it’s time to drill out the lock. 

You need to have a drill bit to unlock the Snap-on toolbox.

A small drill of almost 2 inches can easily break the pins; they are tumbler in style and you just have to put the drill bit on the keyhole. Make sure it’s right on the top of keyhole. Don’t rush, try to break one pin at a time, because you will do it wrong, you won’t be able to unlock it with a key later, or might have to take the toolbox to the company from where it is purchased, so be very careful and break the first pin. If the first pin breaks successfully then try to break the rest of the pins in the same way.

These toolboxes do not have enough pins and in a few minutes, your toolbox is opened without a key. Now it’s time to make use of the screwdriver here, grab a flathead screwdriver and insert it carefully in the keyholes that you just have drilled out and turn it in a way you do with the key to open the lock. And this is how your lock is opened without a key. Better to take care of the key!


Owning a snap on toolbox is not less than owning any precious pearl or property. As they vary in size so their prices get higher. It comes in the shape of drawers inside, each drawer holds unique tools. Also, their toolbox weights vary, depending on the drawers and the number of tools in them. For safety reasons these toolboxes come with a key and a lock and still one should know how to unlock Snap-on tool box without key because people often lost them. This company provides the lifetime warranty; you can always ask them for repairing and manufacturing, all you have to keep the toolbox documents and the serial number with you. 

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