Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garage? Tips And Tricks

Are you sick and tired of spiders crawling out of corners every time you go to take out something from your garage or annoyed by the webs you run into every time you walk in? Then it is time to decide a permanent way to get rid of them. 

Lucky for you, we have numerous tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help you keep spiders out of your garage. All of these are easier than you can imagine. They will probably leave you wondering why you did not come across them any sooner. So, do not wait any longer and find some of these methods below.

Easy Methods to Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage

Using Vinegar Spider Repellent  

To get rid of the spider problem in your garage, the first solution is to use a spider repellent. There are many kinds available and there are some that can easily be made at home. One such homemade spider repellent is made by using white vinegar. 

The acid in the vinegar is a very good disinfector and kills spiders and other pests on spot.

Take a spray bottle and add about two cups of water in it. Next, add in a third-cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap. Close the spray bottle lid and shake it well. 

You can spray this in the area where spiders usually camp out like the window sills or doorways. Yet another way is to put this mixture into a bowl and place it near frequent visiting places of spiders. The smell and its effect will keep spiders out of your garage.

Using a Fogger

If the quantity of spiders has increased to an unmanageable amount, the homemade sprays and repellents would be of little use. The only other solution you have is to kill all of them. We can do this by using calling an exterminator. This can be an expensive and lengthy task. 

An alternative to this is to use a fogger. Usually, it would not be recommended to use this inside the house since the fog that the fogger creates is dissolved with an insecticide to kill different kinds of tasks. This insecticide can be harmful to health and you can end up breathing and living in it for a few weeks.

But, since the garage is away from your home, we can use a fogger there without harming anyone at home with the harmful chemicals it contains. 

The fog works well because it can enter into corners and the areas which are otherwise difficult to get to by yourselves. The droplets created are often so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. This method is guaranteed to rid you of your spider problems. 

Using Essential Oils

If killing the spiders seems too cruel, you can always resort to a more natural way which can leave your garage with a good fragrance afterwards. This can be used even for your room or other parts of your house since it is eco-friendly. The oils have properties that dissolve the spider’s webs. This also prevents new spiders from settling in.

To make this web dissolver, take a bowl and add around ten drops of lemon essential oil and ten drops of lavender oil. Mix it and add half a teaspoon of dish soap. To make the mixture runny enough to be used as a spray, add a cup or more of water in it. Mix all these ingredients well before adding it to a spray bottle. After spraying it in the affected area, you can use a cloth to wipe away whatever is left of the webs on the ceiling or the walls.

Another essential oil that is popular for fighting against multiple insects is peppermint oil. For that, you need to mix in five drops of peppermint oil and five drops of dish soap in a spray bottle. Add water to make it runny enough and shake the bottle well after closing. 

These sprays will make your job very easy as they do not even require any cleaning up afterwards.

Remove Clutter in the Garage

A common reason the spiders are making a home in your garage is all the clutter and mess you have there. Since the garage is outside the house, spiders can easily make their way in and, with numerous things lying around, they have a lot of spots that they can turn into their hiding spots.

An easy remedy is to go through all the stuff in your garage regularly. If there are things you do not need, do not store them in the garage. Instead, just throw them out. This will make lessening the clutter easier the next time.

Add some organization to the way you keep things. For example, keep the storage bins in one corner and other things in separate places. If there are things that are not frequently used, pack them in proper boxes and store them in the back compared to things that you need regularly.

Having a clean and tidy garage is not only good to keep spiders out of your garage but it is also a good thing for your home and well-being. 


While most species of spiders are harmless, it is still not the nicest feeling to run into one when we visit our garage. Maybe even the idea of sharing the same home as a spider is intolerable. The fear of spiders is widespread and if you are one of them, you should learn about the different methods that can help you keep spiders out of your garage. 

In some of these methods, everything you need is homemade. This will go easy on your pocket and will be all-natural. They would not have the chemicals that market-bought solutions do and hence, can save you from long-term harm. 

Give one of these methods a try and recommend it to others, too, if it works. 

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