Light a Patio Heater

How To Light A Patio Heater? Different Ways To Light A Patio Heater

As the colder days come closer, everyone is pulling out their heaters and setting up other ways to keep themselves warm. In days like these, summer is often missed for it allowed one to be able to sit outside in the garden or in the patio to enjoy the nights. But you do not have to miss it too much anymore. You can always get a patio heater to keep yourself comfortable even after night has come and the temperature has fallen.

There are many benefits to having a patio heater but you might be confused about how one can light a patio heater and bring it to work. There are some patio heaters which come with a comprehensive guideline telling you what you have to do. Here, we will mention everything you need to know in clear and simple terms.

Different Ways to Light a Patio Heater

Precautions before Lighting Patio Heater

If you are going to light a patio heater for the first time by yourself, there are some safety measures you should take so as not to hurt yourself or the people around you. Always make sure the gas cylinder of your patio heater is full. The cylinder is at the heater’s base and if you list the heater, the weight of it will tell you how full or empty the cylinder is. 

The next step is to make sure the gas delivery pipe does not have any leaks. If you smell any kind of gas smell, turn off the heater immediately as it might cause a blast. Also, make sure the gas is being delivered by the pipe. This can be made sure by listening to the sound that gas delivery usually makes.

Patio heaters come with gas regulators to set the temperature of the heater. It is important to make sure this is working properly since this is what connects the delivery pipe to the burner. If it is faulty, it might cause too much gas out and it can also lead to a disastrous effect.

Talking about burner, it should be made sure that it is clean so that it gives out the same amount of heat from each side. Regular cleaning helps with this step. However, always make sure everything has cooled down properly before taking it out for cleaning.

Manually Light a Patio Heater

After taking the necessary precautions, you can move on towards manually lighting a patio heater. Additionally, make sure there are nothing around that may be flammable and it is not placed too close to walls or windows if you aim to put the heat on high. 

There are two types of patio heaters: those with the pilot ignition system and those without. For the first one, the system to ignite it is built-in. After turning on this system, you should push and turn the knob that is used for control and bring it to its position. Hold it there for almost a minute until the pilot flame comes on. Without letting go of the knob, press on the stick button a few times to turn the heater on. It should catch fire from the pilot flame. 

For the heaters without a built-in ignition system, you can press the control knob and bring it to the lowest position. This is so even if you are close when it catches fire, the heat is not too much for you. Next, press the stick and use a long lighter to light the heater. The long lighter is recommended over match sticks since it would not require you to get too close.

After the heaters are lit, you can let go of the control knobs and increase or decrease the temperature to your liking.

Change out Patio Heater Pilot Feed Tube

There may come a time when you need to change out the patio heater pilot feed tube because it has gotten old or has been damaged some way so that it does not work properly anymore. To do this you only need to follow a few simple steps. Again, make sure everything has properly cooled down before touching it.

Under the burner, on the neck of the heater, locate the screws and remove them. They may be up to four or five. Next, get an eight-millimetre wrench and use to take out the pilot feed tube. Use an old toothbrush to clean the opening. Add in the new pilot feed tube with the help of a thread sealant. Finally, close the heater and put the screws back in place.

Why is Patio Heater not Lighting?

There can be multiple reasons as to why your patio heater is not lighting. Some of these include the building up of debris around the burner pilot. For the heater to work properly, you should make sure the area is clean and free of any kind of moisture. There should be no insects living there. Another reason can be that your gas cylinder is empty. Make sure to check it before trying to light a patio heater. Also, check for any leaks.

Why does Patio Heater have Yellow Flame?

The reason your patio heater might have yellow flame is that the tube around the burner is not properly cleaned. This tube is used to allow air to come in so it can burn alongside the gas. This mixture of air and gas gives it a beautiful blue flame with orange to yellow tips.


Unlike normal gas heaters which are not portable since they need a gas outlet wherever they are taken, gas patio heaters come with a gas cylinder which makes it easy to move it around. The patio heaters add beauty to your garden and patios due to the way they are styled. Its sight is made more mesmerizing by the natural flame it gives out. This heater is easy on the pockets, too compared to the electric heaters.

If the only reason you are not using this heater till now is that you do not know how to light a patio heater then you should not just go through some of the simple steps above and get it running as soon as possible.

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