Pick A Granite Slab

How To Pick A Granite Slab? Important Things To Know

A granite slab has become an increasingly popular choice for everyone’s kitchen countertops. There are many reasons for this. It is durable and can withstand the common kitchen accidents like spilling of things, placing hot pots on it or the scratches made by knives. Other than this, it comes in many colours and styles which means it can easily go along with your home’s interior theme. 

Despite multiple benefits, it is important to know how to pick a granite slab because there can be those of bad quality which are not as durable or whose beauty and shine fades quickly. We will walk you through some of the things to consider when you go granite-shopping.

Best Tips to Pick A Granite Slab for Your Home

Types of Granite

Granite is a rock that consists of many kinds of minerals. The way these minerals are arranged and the amount of each mineral determines each rock’s colour and type. Granite is tougher than even marble because it is made inside the Earth crust compared to marble which is made in the sea. 

One of the most popular types of granite is called Rosa Bera Granite. It is mostly grey and has a bit of pink here and there. Due to these pinkish tinges, it is also called the Sardinian Pink Granite. It has quite a unique texture which is mostly consistent. Its durability and resistance qualities are high so much so that it is almost waterproof. It is a very good choice for flooring and windows.

Cristal White Granite is another type of granite which is light in colour with the grains finely defined in black, grey and white colours. The dots are marked on it and it is a good choice for all kind of furniture

Dorato Valmalenco Granite is brown and grey. He grains are light grey with a mixture of golden in-between. The silver reflections give it a beautiful look and the way the crystals are arranged in this rock make it have a unique appearance among all other types of granite.

Granite Patterns

Granite patterns are of three types namely solid, speckled or marble. You can pick a granite slab having either of these three patterns. 

Speckled granite has a lot of variation on colour and texture and works well to add something new to rooms that host neutral colours otherwise. 

Solid granite has little variation.  These pieces are rare and work well with rooms that already have a lot of patterns and visual colours.

Marbled granite looks like marble and is cheaper than the rest. They are also easier to clean and gives an air of elegance to the room.

Select Granite for Countertops

To select granite for countertops, the first thing you should keep in mind is to choose the colours that go well with the cabinets of the kitchen. One way to do this is to choose the same colour having veins that are a bit darker. This will make everything go together.

Another way is to choose a different colour that pairs well with your cabinets. Some pairs of colours are more famous than others; for example, green granite with dark brown cabinets. 

Another tip to pick a granite slab is to choose one that goes best with the size of your kitchen. It is well-known that dark-coloured granite leaves rooms feeling more spacious so it is the best choice for small kitchens. However, if there is little or no light reaching your kitchen than light-coloured granites will do the same trick. If you are not sure about the colours to choose, you should just go with either beige or brown since they go along with every kitchen style.

Moving on from colours, granite also has some different and unique patterns. One of the patterns is the solid pattern which works best with smaller kitchens and another is the speckled granite which is works best if the rest of your kitchen interior is simple.  

Select Granite for Flooring

To choose granite for flooring, you might have to look at various factors. For starters, it is important to consider your house location. Things like the moisture level in the area are important because the granite will get slippery if it gets wet which can be dangerous. In these cases, it is best to choose either flamed or brushed granite. 

Next, make sure the colour you choose contrasts well with your furniture and the other decor of the house. There is a wide range of colours available so do not settle for anything that looks less than perfect. 

Granite Quality Levels

There are three basic granite quality levels. The levels awarded to each granite are based on their colours, their thickness, the veins, the markings, its hardness and the country where it comes from. Some companies go up more than this and award up to level 6 or 7 to some granites.

Level 1 is the entry-level granite which is cut thinly and used for furniture. The design is simple and there are not many unique colours.

Level 2 is the mid-grade granite and it is cut with a slightly more thickness than level 1. The colour variety in this level is more and so are the design patterns.

Level 3 is the high-grade granite and it is the best quality one with the most colours and unique patterns. 


Deciding to decorate your house using granite is not a simple task. It is not easy on the pocket nor is it easy to pick a granite slab that is perfect from all sides. If you do not know your granite well, you might end up buying something that does not blend in well with our home at all.

It is important to remember that granite becomes the focal point of our kitchens, floors or bathrooms once we decide to add it there. And it will only look good if it is of the finest quality with unique patterns and colours that contrast well with the surrounding.

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