Trees with Fern-Like Leaves

The trees with fern like leaves are unique kinds of trees, and what makes them stand out from the other trees is their leaves. Instead of regular-looking leaves, countless small leaflets grow from the stalk, known as fronds.

The trees with fern like leaves are large and wild-looking, with vibrantly colored flowers that make them easily recognizable and unique. Almost every city has at least a couple of them, so the most common ones are described below.

Trees With Fern Like Leaves

Mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin)

The look

The Mimosa tree originates from the Middle East and Asia and has a distinctive look. The main thing by which this tree is recognizable is the pinky, silky-looking, fuzzy flowers that make it stand out. They are the reason why this tree is known by the name “silk tree”. The rainy weather and the nights make the numerous tiny fern-like leaflets close.


The Mimosa tree is a fast-growing tree whose height can reach 20 to 25 feet, so it is ideal for small gardens. The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are often visitors to this tree. 

The Mimosa tree lives 15 to 20 years and is invasive because its seeds can survive and grow in almost any soil and weather conditions. Because of this, the Mimosa trees are a common sight to enjoy.

Hummingbird tree (Sesbania Grandiflora)

The look

The Hummingbird tree originates from Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Its tropical blooms have all kinds of shades of striking red and pinkish colors. Looking from afar, your brain will trick you into thinking that you see a group of hummingbirds, hence its name. The fern-like leaves give this grandiose tree an even richer look.


The Hummingbird tree grows up to 40 feet, and its wood is often used for light construction. Its edible parts are believed to have medicinal properties. Besides, this tree is even more outstanding because flowers and leaves can be consumed and used in cooking.

Jacaranda (Jacaranda Mimosifolia)

The look

The Jacaranda tree originates from Central and South America and thrives in warm weather places. The bright green, fern-like leaves are even up to 20 inches long and fall from the tree in autumn. Whereas the lavender-blue, tubular-shaped flowers are hermaphrodites that give this tree a dreamy and unreal look.


Tall and wide, the Jacaranda tree can grow up to 50 feet tall with a rich floral crown. The lifespan of this tree can be even 50 years. Additionally, Jacaranda trees can live up to 200 years in the appropriate climate and can be found worldwide.

Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia)

The look

The Royal Poinciana is a tree native to Madagascar and very nice looking because of its vibrant colors. The exotic flowers’ colors of yellow, orange, and red shades resemble a flame, so this tree is often known as a flamboyant tree. The abundant foliage is made of numerous fern-like leaflets, giving it a luxurious and feathery look and providing a wide shade.


This flame-like-looking tree with fern-like leaves loves the sun and grows up to 40 feet tall. The best climate for its growth is the tropical one. Apart from its graceful fiery look, the seeds of this tree are toxic to pets.


Identifying the big trees with fern like leaves isn’t difficult. The leaves and the one-of-a-kind flowers with vibrant colors are the factors that indicate this type of tree. That’s why they are mostly used decoratively in the yards and around the cities, transforming the simple look of a street into a unique one. 

Without a doubt, the remarkable look of these trees will turn your head every time you walk under them.

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