What to Wear on a First Hiking Date?

The first date can be very stressful alone, now let’s put in some exercise our first meet-up can be overwhelming! Let’s go through some cute hiking ideas for women- Now remember you can wear your normal hiking attire, but if you are looking for a different look let’s explore some options!

Some of these options can be for both males and females. I am taking the female view mostly – but can go across gender lines;

hiking date outfit

First, you will need to figure out what type of hike you are going on. Most of these options or ideas are for a light hike.

weather and type of hike

You will need to make sure you check the weather and the trail itself. You want to be prepared for all elements. 

 The weather will also depend on where you live. If you are in a warmer climate or cooler, one layering will be your friend. 

Layering will give you options and will work in cold months or warm ones. Dark colors are always good since you cannot see the sweat

Always protect your face

you can do this a few cute ways a baseball cap, visor, or warm hat if cold out. Sunglasses will protect your eyes if sunny so make sure they are packed. Headbands are also a great accessory for your head and pull your hair back to stay neat and out of your face if your hair is long. This will help soak up any sweat that may happen. 

what to wear if it’s warm

Wicking legging

If shorts are not your thing, maybe your legs have not seen a lick of light since last summer – wicking leggings are always a great option. Navy or gray is always a great option – there are many tights out there that have pockets that are always convenient to have. Leggings will also give your legs protection from sun or brush if there is some on the trail.


If you decide on shorts there are a lot of good options. Shorts will keep you cooler of course, but be aware of the terrain. If the trail is filled with a brush or poison ivy will come into contact with your legs! No one wants that to be a first-date memory! Keep your legs safe from scratches and battle wounds on your first date. 

Women and men can find great wicking shorts- that are water-repellent and UV protected. Many have pockets which will be great to have if not taking a backpack with you. Make sure the shorts are comfortable and not uncomfortable. You do not want to be worrying about tight clothing. 


Layer your shirts- depending on how warm it is. If it’s a very warm day wearing a cute tank top or sleeveless shirt will be great. Many shirts have wicking and unsinkable fabric! If it might be cooler in the am and warming up a cute tank with a light chambray shirt or plaid shirt you can take off and tie around your waist.  All very good options for a first date hike. 

Bathing suit, Towel, Flip-flops

If you happen to go on a  hike where you will find water- think about a bathing suit, towel, and flip-flops. Do not forget your suntan lotion. A cute pack back is always a good way to carry all of your items.

Water, suntan lotion, towel, suit, and flip flops if needed. Make sure you check out the water scene if it will be rocky or smooth- water shoes may be needed. Being prepared will make your date go smoothly!

what to wear if it’s warm

Now that we have gone over some of the warmer hikes on a first date- the next would be a cool or cold one. 

Layers will still be your friend and know the lay of the land. Make sure you check the weather for the date. The base layer is also wicking and keeps moisture from your skin.

The base layer will also keep you warm. If it’s really cold, water-wicking pants on top will keep your pants from getting soaked. Gloves are key to keeping your hands warm and make sure they are waterproof.

Base layer ideas for Guys and Gals

Flannel shirt, some type of warm-wicking shirt under the flannel. You can hike in a sweater or fleece. Make sure you are checking the temperatures and fleece may not be enough. If you need something more than a thin overcoat- you will not want something bulky as hiking is a form of exercise.

If you are hiking terrain with ice, you can also put spikes on your boots. A warm jacket is important in extremely cold weather. There are so many light options that can withstand extreme temperatures. Pick your favorite color and rock that out! You will not want something bulky, remember you want to be able to move freely and stay warm! 

Let’s talk Shoes

For a cold or warm hike, a good pair of lightweight boots will be what you need for your first date. Boots have come a long way- if for cold weather look for something lined, light, waterproof, and good tread.

For the warmer months light boot, waterproof, and still has good tread. Boot designs have come a long way and are very cute and versatile these days.  Your shoe partner will be your socks- warm weather tall wicking socks.

If you are in colder weather, warm socks, moisture-wicking, and tall. Your socks can be a statement if you choose. There are some CUTE/ GREAT socks out there! Breaking in those boots before your first date hike is always a smart idea. 

For some first date experiences, you may choose to wear sneakers or a short hiking boot- all up to you! Running shoes would only be recommended for warmer hikes.

Who would want cold feet on your first date? If you decide on running shoes remember they do offer as much support as hiking boots. You do not want your first date to be spent in the ER! Yikes…

Looking for some Cute Pics

Depending on your level of comfort with your first date- you might want to bring some cute clothes to change into at the top of the waterfall you are hiking! If photo ops are your thing. A great idea to capture those first date moments.

Make sure this is packed only and not worn- safety is always important but understand some like to have cute pictures with their date. This is all up to you! 


Let’s do a quick review to make your first date hike a fun one and be prepared! There are a few other essentials you can think about before you head out!

  • Gloves- waterproof 
  • Hat or headband to keep your ears warm.
  • Chapstick is always a good call if cold or warm
  • Water- you will need warm or cold
  • Backpack super easy to carry all of your stuff
  • First aid kit in case you need it 
  • Bug spray in case
  • Suntan lotion 
  • Phone 
  • Take a picture of the trail in case- usually out front of the trail
  • Snacks 
  • Smile

What to wear on your first date hike is all up to you, but remember to know the hike and where you are going. Make sure you know the weather and plan out your outfit to be appropriate but free to move in.

Make those boots and socks as cute as possible and have some fun. Layers and more layers are important for your success. Invest in that expensive hiking equipment needed. Have fun and don’t forget a charged phone! 

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